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Cuprite with Copper, Pyrite, Chrysocolla

  • Geological - Cuprite is a copper oxide mineral. Cuprite (brown-red and gray), Copper, Pyrite (brassy yellow), & Chrysocolla (green) make up this beautiful stone. Cuprite Hardness 3.5-4. The other mineral mixtures average out to ~4.5-6 hardness.
  • Origin - Morenci, AZ - USA, France, Germany.
  • Mystic Lore - Cuprite is a stone of feminine power. Helps relationships with mothers, sisters, daughters & female partners. Helps reproductive issues, irregular menstruation, menopausal symptoms, balancing hormones after birth. Copper: Beauty. Promotes sense of aesthetic, harmony & love for all living beings. Eases pains of arthritis, cramps, menstrual pains.

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