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'Caribbean Larimar'


'Moon Over Gentle Sands'


Updated: March 26, 2015

Welcome to Simply Living Jewelry's / Carmel & Michael's home page. . . . . . .

Hello! We are back now from the gem mines of East Africa. Great trip!! Tanzanite, Tsavorite, Ruby, Tourmaline and more! One day we will take the time to add these to our 'Collecting Trips' tab on the site BUT, for now...
We are really enjoying the time in our studios cutting new stones, designing, and creating. It is really nice knowing that we don't have to leave for a show each week.
On that subject, our first show is March 7-8. Somewhat of a local show in Depere, Wis.

Our Show Schedule Will Be Upadated as we Receive Acceptance Confirmations From Show Organizers. Please click on 'Show Schedule'.

If you'd like to know about a show or have any questions at all please 'Contact Us'


         We Share The Natural
          Colors of the Earth!

This year,
2015 we are celebrating our 16th year of creating wearable art, allowing the wearer to share mother earth's wonderful creations with everyone!

The Art of Stone Jewelry
We create wearable art using hand cut & polished natural stones, shells, pearls, fossils; we specialize in unique cuts and unusual materials; cutting & polishing many stones in our studio. All artistically melded into a hand forged/fabricated fine sterling silver setting created by us in our studios.

  We always have new stones & designs that we are currently working on.

Artist’s Statement
As Husband and wife artists, our world travels influence our designs. From Antarctica's numerous shades of white and blue, the shapes of the Egyptian pyramids, the bold colors worn by the Maasai tribes in Africa, the fossil fields of Morocco. Our original designs combine the rich colors, patterns, and textures of natural stones, echoing our experiences. Stones lead our designs from start to finish.

Engaging patrons in a dialogue about sources, value, and body adornment is necessary to harmonize the jewelry to the individual, artistically, and personally. Each wearable piece of art embraces the wearer's personality.

Every step, from design, fabrication, and finishing is done by us. Using sterling, fine silver, tarnish-resistant sterling such as Argentium™ sterling: the sheet and wire which we forge, bend, or hammer into shapes which are silver-soldered to complete the finished pieces. We enjoy the challenge of traditional hand fabrication metalsmithing techniques to form each piece.  Our textured surfaces are achieved by traditional and contemporary methods.

As part of our travels, a portion of the stone and fossil materials in our work is self collected.  Stones are cut to reflect the optimum shape, color, texture, and scenes by traditional lapidary methods.

Please Note-This Is Not A Selling Website.
Most of the pieces shown have been sold.
Although most of our work is One-Of-A-Kind, we re-create similar pieces using similar stones.
Please 'Click' on the 'Show Schedule' button to see our show list.
We hope to see you at a show!
Thank You For Visiting! Carmel & Michael


'Giza Sands'

1a-.6x_summersunset_dsc9216.jpg   'Summer Sunset'  




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